Coaching & Consulting in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, DBT Skills Training

At the Center for Dialectics we specialize in helping people who are experiencing:

Challenges communicating effectively
Impulsive urges and behaviors
Regularly experiencing intense and/or unwanted emotions
Fear of abandonment and feeling isolated
Unsure about how to handle  intense or extreme emotions
Beliefs of not being good enough and feeling like a failure
Life transitions and relationship changes
Wanting to build a life worth living even though things seem like a hot mess
Wanting to honor the gifts of your madness while building the life you want
Wanting to take decisive & bold action to create change in your life
If any of these sound like your experiences, we are here to talk 503-563-0864
We might be a good fit if

You’ve been curious about Dialectical Behavior Therapy but aren’t interested in a clinical program.


You are motivated to create change in your life and want help getting clarity, motivation & accountability to create that change.


You’ve excelled in a few arenas of your lifelike education & work, but flopped in others like relationships & finances.

You understand that self-care is building a life that you don’t regularly have to escape from, but haven’t been able to do much more than schedule a bubble bath


You’ve been through some pretty serious stuff in your life and maybe even been through therapy for it, have passed the tipping point where continuing to resolve your past is no longer working to help you achieve your future goals.


You’ve put in a lot of work on personal development but still struggle with regulating your emotions, tolerating distress or being effective in your relationships.


You are interested in building a practice of mindfulness and other skills to help you be more effective & connected in your life.


You understand that building the life you want, building a life worth living, is messy hard work, and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and dig in, but don’t know where to even begin, how to assess, organize & prioritize,  how to let go of the things that aren’t serving you and say yes to more of the things that do


You have a finite amount of energy, time & resources to work with, and need help in figuring out how to be wise with these precious resources in service of your goals.


You think that self-esteem is something someone either has or don’t and/or building self-esteem has often felt illusive


You get stuck in black & white thinking because living in full color can be overwhelming and this world, planet, social systems, our communities, our jobs and our lives are a hot mess and its easier to just keep ourselves safe & small


You have been through a Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT program previously and are looking for support in maintaining your personal skills practice



What I can help you do…


Build and maintain a proficient DBT skills practice.


Help you break free from the muck of what isn’t working for you.


Get clarity on what you do want and clear the path to getting there.


Honor your past & work toward your future while being firmly rooted in the present


 Develop skills in coping with the overwhelm, distress & emotional challenges you have been facing


Creating a life that aligns with your purpose, values, and vision for the world you want to live in


How I help you do this


As your coach I provide a courageous container for you to unpack your bullshit, redesign your path and achieve your goals & desires by holding space, offering engaging and provocative questions, offering supportive reflections and feedback and providing accountability as you move forward. My coaching philosophy honors both you and your past, is firmly grounded in the present and supports your deepest desires for your future.

Coaching is a supportive relationship in which you, the client, have the opportunity to deeply explore your desires and dreams for yourself, your life and your relationships, in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential environment. Each session is individually tailored to meet you where you are at in your life and how you want to move forward on your path.

 Each client comes to coaching with their own unique brilliance and challenges. Coaching facilitates the change process. Working with your unique abilities and gifts to overcome those challenges and move into a more magically brilliant version of you.

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